30th November 2023 5:19 pm
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IFTTT brings its task magic to Android

Popular web automation service ‘If This Then That’ (IFTTT) has finally released an Android version of its app, and added six new features for turning your phone into powerful tool for making life on the net more efficient.

For those who’ve never tried IFTTT, it allows you to take an event that occurs in one cloud service and turn it into an action in another. For example, if you receive an email from your mother with the word ‘visit’ in the subject line, it will  automatically alert the local crime scene cleaners that there’s a job tender in the offing. You can create other, more relevant, tasks using personalised recipes that follow the simple formula of ‘If This, Then That’.

Once you get the hang of it you can begin to save yourself stacks of time by automating mundane tasks, for example if you change your Facebook Profile picture and want your Twitter profile picture to always be the same as it IFTTT can do that for you.

IFTTT Recipe: When #Facebook profile picture changes, update #Twitter profile picture connects facebook to twitter

An IFTTT app has already been available to iPhone users since last year with an iPad version that was released in April that allowed users to create, modify and toggle recipes while on the go.

With its inherently open nature there are more options available to Android users of IFTTT along with all of the standard channels that you would find on the web. The main Android-specific channel is the ‘Device’ channel contains triggers based on connecting or disconnecting from WiFi networks and actions that include setting your wallpaper or phones ringer volume.

You can grab IFTTT for iPhone and iPad in the iTunes App Store and the Android app for tablets and smartphones from Google Play right now.

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