DA vs SABC Ayisafani ad hearing resumes tonight

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ICASA’s Complaints and Compliance Committee (CCC) will continue its hearing between the Democratic Alliance (DA) and SABC over the disputed “Ayisafani” ad tonight at 6pm, after it was adjourned on Tuesday evening.

The hearing was called for by the DA, following a complaint against the SABC for banning a series of broadcast adverts over the weekend. The ads, themed ‘Ayisafani’ (which means, “it’s no longer the same”) the ANC as no longer the same party it was back when it gained power in 1994.

“Since 2008 we’ve seen President Jacob Zuma’s ANC. An ANC that is corrupt. An ANC for the connected few. An ANC that is taking us backwards. An ANC where more than 1.4 million people have lost jobs,” says DA Gauteng premier candidate Mmusi Maimane in the ad.

The ad was pulled off all SABC channels on Tuesday after viewers complained about depictions of violence.. This is in reference to a scene in the ad where a policeman is seen pointing a gun at citizens.

Ronnie Bokwa, a spokesperson for the SABC, said the use of language and the visuals used were inflammatory and could not be seen as freedom of speech and that the SABC had acted properly by banning the ad.

The SABC asked for an adjournment last night after it was asked by the CCC committee had a checklist for all adverts aired on the broadcaster’s channels. The DA is accusing the state-owned broadcaster of censorship.

Although the ad was banned by the national broadcaster, thanks to the power of the internet, it’s still up on YouTube if you want to watch it.

[Source: News24. Image: YouTube]