[WATCH] See Wolfenstein without Nazis in action

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So Wolfenstein came out on the 20th, and I’m busy battling my way through its alternate-history story to bring you a review of a game where the Nazis won World War II. It’s looking very good so far, and I’m quite enjoying its retro-future sci-fi trappings.

But not all territories are getting the same game. As we reported a while back, Germany is getting its very own Wolfenstein that doesn’t have any Nazi references at all thanks to rules that don’t allow the depiction of anything Nazi-related to be sold within the country, especially not in videogames.

As the Wolfenstein series has always been about razing the Reich to the ground, one evil Nazi bastard at a time, the very idea of a censored it is just silly to me, and I have no idea how the developers would go about pulling it off. Apparently, neither did the developers of the previous Wolfenstein games as to date none of the other entries in the series have been sold in Germany.

So to show off how the two versions differ, exactly, Eurogamer has put together a fantastic video showing off the two versions side-by-side. You’ll see that the Nazis just become “the Regime”, and swastikas and other Nazi symbols have been replaced with generic “Wolfenstein” icons, but otherwise both versions are just as violent and gritty.

Just be warned, it gets a little graphic in places. Check it out:

Me, I like how real-world context adds weight to any narrative, but honestly these compromises aren’t bad at all. German gamers are still getting a game that’s just as violent and bloody as the one the rest of the world gets, it’s just without an historically-accurate group of fascists to shoot.

[Source – Eurogamer.net, Image – Dualshockers.net]

Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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