30th November 2023 4:58 pm
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This is what the iPhone 6 camera can do

The iPhone 6 has been released in a select number of countries (no solid release date has been set for South Africa yet) and one of the more attractive features that many have been pondering about is the iPhone 6’s upgraded camera.

In a previous post we have explored what Apple’s Watch means for iPhoneographers, but photographer Austin Mann was fortunate enough have put both iPhone 6 cameras through its paces on a trip to Iceland – and compared the images taken to those of the iPhone 5s.

“This year the iPhone camera’s most important upgrades revolve around focus resulting in sharper images than ever before. Apple implemented several new technologies to accomplish this,” Mann explained on his website.

Mann goes through the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’ cameras by focussing on key points such as exposure control, technical shooting, extreme dynamic range test, panorama mode, the burst mode Facetime camera and a number of photography apps.

exposure control
iPhone 6 Plus with no exposure control (left), iPhone 6 Plus with exposure control (right)


“The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus pack in new innovations that make the camera experience better and more fun.  What I love most about these innovations is they focus on enabling iPhone users to better capture and share life rather than just beefing up tech specs,” Mann said in his closing remarks.

To read his entire review and to see some of the stunning images that he managed to capture, click here.

[Images – Austin Mann]

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