Two blue ticks tell you when your WhatsApp messages are read

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Last night, the Twittersphere lit up with users showing off a new feature that had just been rolled out on popular messaging application WhatsApp. Messages, for some users, were showing two blue ticks that seemed to be indicating when the recipient had read the message.

Before, WhatsApp used two check marks to indicate that the message had been successfully sent from your phone to the WhatsApp servers (one tick) and then received by the recipients phone (two ticks). Yesterday’s update turns those two ticks blue once the recipient has read your message as confirmed by WhatsApp’s FAQ section on its site.

The only way for users to check if their WhatsApp messages had been read previously, was to check the last time the recipient was online, a piece of information that WhatsApp allowed iOS users to opt out of, choosing not to see anyone else’s ‘last seen’ status if they were unwilling to share their own. The feature rolled out to Android users of WhatsApp in March this year, allowing those users who didn’t want the pressure of someone knowing you had seen their message but had chosen not to reply immediately the privacy they had chosen.

The two blue ticks read reports are impervious to this setting, now making it impossible for users to avoid this kind of scrutiny leading to some frustration on Twitter.

Swiping left or long pressing and selecting ‘Info’ on a particular sent message will even go so far as to show you the time at which the recipient read your message.

While other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and BBM have shown when recipients had read your messages, the change in WhatsApp’s modus operandi seems to have caused quite a commotion in its user base who will no doubt adjust and find new ways of masking their desire to reply when they’re good and ready.

[Image – WhatsApp]

David Greenway

David Greenway

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