Is this Samsung’s Tizen-powered NX500?

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After we reviewed the NX300 and the NX30, there were rumours that the Korean electronics giant would release the 28-megapixel mirrorless NX500 camera.

And while it hasn’t been officially announced, online retailer B&H recently opened a pre-order page for the unit, which has since been pulled. What’s more, is that the camera will apparently be powered by Samsung’s proprietary Tizen operating system.

According to sources that leaked the information, the NX500 should retail in the US for around $1 100, and might hit the shelves as early as next month.

Samsung Italy inadvertently uploaded documentation that mentions the NX500 as part of a promotion campaign for the NX models, and also mentioned an unannounced NX3300 model.

“Product promotion: In this transaction, the products being promoted are the smart camera NX branded Samsung models NX1, NX30, NX300, NX500, NX3000 and NX3300,” the Italian translated document states.

The NX500’s specifications were leaked, and has been listed as:

* 28MP BSI APS-C sensor

* D5s image engine

* ISO range: 100-25,600

* New hybrid AF with PD

* 55ms super-fast AF

* 9fps with AF

* 1/6000s shutter speed

* Easy sharing with BT/Wi-Fi/NFC

* 3: Super AMOLED tilt &flip LCD screen

* Dual command dial

* Will be available in three different colours: black, brown, white

According to news website SamMobile, “it’ll also have a tilt flip-up style Super AMOLED display to render a crisp picture, along with some radio features including Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS, which will also allow geo-tagging of photos.”

[Source and image – SamMobile]

Charlie Fripp

Charlie Fripp

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