Gauteng 2016 school registration site for parents goes live

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[19/04 UPDATE] The registration website will only goes live at 10am on 19 April, and not at 8am as originally planned. More details can be found here.]


[UPDATE: You can now use the GDE Admissions website to register yours and your child’s details and apply for admission in 2017. Check out this guide we’ve complied to show you to how use the website]

The Gauteng Department of Education is hoping to make the days of parents filling in forms and waiting in long queues to register their kids for school a thing of the past thanks to a new online registration system that went live yesterday.

The new Gauteng Department of Education Admissions website (and smartphone app) allows parents to submit applications for the early bird registration window, 2016 admissions, which is open until the 26th of May this year.

Once you are on the GDE Admissions website, you first have to register your details to get a username and password. Ideally, the site is supposed to show you a number of schools nearest to you, this is so first preference can be given to parents and children living and/or working in and around a school’s area.

After submitting all the necessary details and registering, you will then get an SMS or email with an automated waiting list number and information on your child’s application status. You can also use the waiting list number to view your application status online.

[NOTE: We want to know what your experience using the website was like once you’ve completed your submission. Please take a moment to complete this very quick survey and let us know]

Although the online process takes most of the hassle out of registration, parents must still physically take all relevant documents such as their child’s birth certificate to the school before the 26th of May.

According to a report in the Sowetan, secretary general of the National Association of Parents in School Governance has arranged for 100 of the association’s members to help guide parents who may not know their way around the basics of online technology to use the system.

Over 1 000 applications have already been submitted through the admissions app, the department has said. Although the app is said to be available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, a search on each of the app stores yielded no results for us, so it’s probably best to use the website for now.

Log onto the GDE Admission site to get started with your submission.

[Image – Shutterstock]