23rd February 2024 12:37 pm
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The GaffGun is a stupidly simple machine that makes wire management a breeze

We usually try and focus on the newest tech here at htxt.africa, but every so often we come across something a little old that’s just too good not to share.

Today we’ve found exactly that in the GaffGun. What does this goofy-sounding machine do? In all seriousness, it’s a tape dispenser, just like the one you probably have on your desk. What makes it special, however, is the fact that it glides along the floor, gobbling up errant cables and applying tape to create one, neat row of cable nicely stuck to the ground.

THE GAFFGUN from GaffGun on Vimeo.

And, well, that’s it really. It’s not going to do your taxes or walk the dog or drive your car. But, for those of us that have had to go through the hell of setting up AV equipment and rigging, having this ridiculously simple device would have made our lives much easier. It really is one of those inventions that will invoke wide-eyed happiness for a select number of people.

But, there’s some bad news. For a collection of wheels and plastic, the GaffGun will run you $219 (R3 368). What’s more, the “special” tape that fits into the device ranges from $8.50 to $27.50 (R130 to R423).

Gafftech, the Seattle-based company that creates and sells the GaffGun is quick to justify the price by trying to scare you with accidents that could occur because of your less than exquisite taping skills.

They quote that the average slip, trip or fall will cost you $20 228 (R311 262) in workers’ compensation. Wow! That is pretty scary.

Say, Gafftech, where did you get that figure? Their site claims that it comes from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Fair enough. But the source they link to is a PowerPoint presentation from 2006 that is absolutely hilarious. It looks like a project done by a fourth grader for their computer class in primary school.

Look at these slides.


Now, we’re not knocking GaffTech for the slides. We have no doubt a severely underpaid governmental worker from OSHA was tasked with that job. But come on, you are a company based in one of the most expensive cities in the world, and you’re trying to sell rolls of tape for  $27.50. Update your figures and link back to something that doesn’t look like a homework assignment done at 3 AM in the 90’s.

All told, the GaffGun is a really clever invention that’s currently held back by silly pricing. We hope it goes down or some competitors pop up.

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