30th November 2023 4:47 pm
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Woman climbs a skyscraper using only vacuum cleaners

Looking like the world’s worst superhero, professional rock climber Sierra Blair-Coyle scaled a 140 metre tall building using two vacuum cleaners strapped to her back.

If you’re justifiably asking “why?” right about now, it was a promotional stunt for the vacuums themselves. LG was behind it, showing off their new “CordZero” battery-powered units.

If, again justifiably, you’re not convinced, check out the video:

So, that was impressive, right? A vacuum (or two) running on battery alone was able to get a human being to look a lot like Spider-Man. But, there were some concessions.

First of all; the suction cup head for the vacuum. We’re pretty sure that isn’t a standard head you’ll get when you buy one of these. Also: the choice of Blair-Coyle gave this stunt the best chance of happening.

But those are more niggles and nit-picking. While the entire climb only took 30 minutes, one stop was had. Not because the impressive climber was exhausted, but because the vacuums were. At the stop the vacuums were replaced for a fresh pair, presumably because the 80V lithium-ion batteries were dead.

But we may be too harsh, this is still really impressive and it helps break the stereotypes that battery-powered appliances are a step-down from their corded brethren.

Hey, LG, if you’re reading, could we test out your next vacuums by putting them in reverse and trying to fly? We’re tired of waiting for Elon Musk to invent the Iron Man suit.

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