26th February 2024 8:40 am
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The John Cena meme is dead, long live the John Cena meme

Last week the internet saw the death of one of the its most beloved memes in the form of  Unexpected John Cena / And His Name is John Cena.

A tired old joke, many people thought it was put to bed when Cena himself embraced it and used the very same humour that the meme is based on to prank his fans.

If you’re a bit lost at this point, check out our previous story on it, or watch the video below for the short version:

This piece of internet culture seems to have gone the same way as the old “Thanks, Obama” adage. The internet loved this little saying so much that it reached Obama himself. He was recorded in a video cheekily saying it and, at that point, the joke had come full circle and lost most of its appeal.

As a result the popular site /r/ThanksObama basically closed shop and considered its job done.

The same situation happened with Cena when he created the above video. Similar to /r/ThanksObama, /r/UnexpectedCena considered it the height of the joke, even though it’s still actively being updated at the time of writing.

So that’s the end of the extremely silly tale, right? The joke, the meme, is dead and buried. Right?

As Cena himself will now ask ad infinitum: “are you sure about that?”. Internet denizens have taken a short clip of the wrestler popping up behind of picture of himself asking his fan “are you sure about that?” and have taken to slotting it into every video you can imagine.

The centre of it, as far as we can see, is the subreddit /r/YouTubeHaiku where the front page is littered with seemingly innocuous videos which end with Cena popping up, usually at the end of the video.

We’ve put together a playlist of the best one’s we’ve found over the past few days. It won’t have the desired effect as you know the punchline already (and this works best as a bait-and-switch trick) but they’re worth watching nonetheless.

While we wouldn’t call this “news” per se, it is an interesting look at the macrocosm that is the internet and its strange, circular nature.

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