Oculus V ZeniMax Media: Palmer Luckey gets grilled on the stand

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Oculus chief executive officer Palmer Luckey has taken the stand in the ongoing lawsuit between ZeniMax Media and the Facebook-owned Oculus.

By all accounts Luckey did not have the best time in court as he faced questioning about the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) he had with ZeniMax as well as being “made fun” of for not having a degree.

The CEO was questioned by ZeniMax Media lawyer Phillip Philbin who read out sections of the NDA. This didn’t sit well with Luckey who took issue with the fact that Philbin was omitting details from the NDA.

“I can’t answer your question accurately when you leave out seven or eight words,” Luckey was quoted as saying by Gizmodo.

Luckey went on to say that he wished to provide clarity on the matter given that Philbin was omitting so many details and potentially making Luckey seem as if he was saying something he wasn’t.

ZeniMax’s lawyer then focused on one of the firm’s core arguments: that Luckey did not alone possess the technical skill required to create the Oculus Rift. To establish this Philbin questioned whether the Oculus exec had an electrical engineering degree, an engineering degree or a degree at all.

Luckey reportedly responded with “no” to all those questions before explaining that he had dropped out of college. Facebook’s lawyers later said that this was ZeniMax’s attempt at making fun of the Oculus founder.

Facebook did attempt to paint Luckey as a boy genius by showing the court an issue of Nuts and Volts, an electronics magazine the CEO subscribed to when he was younger.

The social network’s lawyers also told stories of how Luckey tinkered with electronics in his parent’s garage as a teenager.

The trial is expected to be decided next week at which point it will be determined whether Facebook has to pay ZeniMax Media $2 billion or not.

[Via – Gizmodo]

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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