Grand Theft Auto V has shipped 75m units

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It may be over three years old but Grand Theft Auto V still remains one of the gaming industry’s top selling titles.

In an investor release from Take Two Interactive concerning the company’s third quarter for the fiscal year ending in March 31st 2017, it was revealed that GTA V has shipped 75 million units.

Note, however, this doesn’t mean that the game has sold 75 million copies at point of sale, rather that it’s sold-in that amount to retailers.

It’s still a pretty startling figure for a game originally released on last generation platforms; just to put that into perspective for you, if those 75 million copies find their way into the hands of gamers, GTA V will sell more units than Michael Jackson’s Thriller – which is still the biggest selling album of all time.

It’s almost a certainty that one of the main reasons for the game’s longevity is the GTA Online mode that allows players to free-wheel through Rockstar’s approximation of Los Angeles causing all manner of havoc with friends and strangers.

Incidentally, Rockstar is ending its support for transferring GTA Online characters on last generation platforms to current gen in March of this year, so if you don’t want to start over on a new platform, we suggest you get a hustle on.

During the earnings call in which Take Two announced GTA V’s huge sell-in figures, the company’s CEO Strauss Zelnick also revealed that Mafia III’s sales have hit five million, while its basketball sim, NBA 2K17 has hit 7 million.

All told it looks like 2017 was a rather good year for Take Two Interactive – and it still has Red Dead Redemption 2 in the pipeline. Ker-Ching!