This 3D print of the Flatline from Titanfall 2 is quite lively

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Despite some worries about a falling playerbase, we’re still logging into Titanfall 2 every day and the community is still creating amazing projects such as this: a life-size 3D print of the Flatline assault rifle.

This multi-part print comes to us from Sergey Kolesnik, the same talented designer who brought us Jyn Erso’s blaster from Rogue One as well as a venerable library of fictional weapons.

Like the blaster the files to print your own Flatline are not free, and you’ll be paying $31.20 (~R417) for them from Pinshape.

To see what you get for your money, check out the short video of a completed print of the Flatline below. It’s not finished or painted to resemble the extremely impressive renderings, but it’s great nonetheless.

And, if that’s a bit too rich for your tastes, there are more 3D prints from Titanfall 2 you can have for free. The Wingman revolver and arc grenades are available right now, and we’re sure the community will create more soon.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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