Riot wins $10m lawsuit against League Of Legends cheating service

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If you’re a League Of Legends player you may have heard of a service called LeagueSharp. It’s essentially a game-breaking service that allows players to artificially level up their accounts.

If you’ve ever used it, you’re a cheat and we hope you’ve had your fun, because LeagueSharp has just been knocked out of the box to the tune of $10 million.

Riot Games, the developer behind League Of Legends, filed a lawsuit agains LeagueSharp last year in August. In its original complaint, the developer said:

LeagueSharp “injects assemblies,” or scripts, into LoL for a $15 subscription fee. For $50 a month, LeagueSharp’s botting service quickly levels League of Legends players’ characters. The lawsuit also accuses LeagueSharp of attacking Riot’s servers, teaching LoL players how to cheat without being caught and advising them how to fraudulently dispute transactions in-game.

Riot also alleged that LeagueSharp had attacked its games servers and leaked the private information of one of its employees.

Riot has won $10 million in damages from LeagueSharp, a court-ordered ban on the cheating service’s software and control of LeagueSharp’s sites.

If that sounds steep, keep in mind that LeagueSharp charged $15 a month for its services and software, and for $50 a month, players also gained access to a botting service that allowed to users to run multiple accounts simultaneously for fun and profit. Riot estimated LeagueSharp’s subscriber based numbered tens of thousands of players.

Remember folks, there’s a limit of the time a cheating service can last before it gets hauled into court. If you violate the terms and conditions of a game, you could easily find yourself booted from a community. .