GTA V players slam game's rating over mod bans

GTA V fans slam game’s rating over mod ban, continue to play it

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If you head over to GTA V’s Steam page this morning you’ll see that one of the biggest selling games of all times boasts overwhelmingly negative recent review scores.

The reason for this is that in the last couple of weeks, Take Two Interactive issued cease and desist letters to GTA modding sites, effectively forcing them to shutdown.

While some of these mod sites offer players slightly shady ways to gain an edge in the game’s hugely popular online mode – effectively allowing them to cheat – Take Two’s ban hammer also came down on OpenIV, an incredibly popular modding site that only allowed mods for the game’s single player mode.

Take Two’s actions basically banned modding in GTA V, and just a cursory glance at some of the fantastic creations players have made for the game, shows this is a rather heart-breaking decision as far as the game’s community is concerned.

Well, we say ‘heart-breaking’. We mean ‘infuriating’. You’d probably think that this decision would cause more than a little consternation among the game’s player-base. You’d be right.

In the week since the ban was issued, players have flocked to Steam to tank GTA V’s rating. While this fact has been enough to generate some news around the game, we have to wonder if it’s going to bother Take Two or Rockstar Games at all.

The thing is, that while white hot outrage abounds on social media, forums and comment sections, all of the hubbub doesn’t seem to have made even a dent in the number of players who are still stuck into Grand Theft Auto V. The game’s player-base is still pretty healthy and has suffered no significant dip in numbers since the mod ban came in.

Graph via Steam Charts.

Furthermore the game has been out for ages, raked in tons of cash both through base-game sales and in-game transactions, so unless folk turn away from it, it’s unlikely that all the negative reviews will hurt it at all. This isn’t really how protesting works, people.