ShowMax heads to Xbox One

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ShowMax’s app is now available on the Xbox One platform, meaning all you console jockeys now have another platform to stream your TV and movies through.

Up until now, the dominant media streaming app for movies and TV has been Netflix, which has been available on Xbox and PlayStation platforms for ages.

However, ShowMax may make some inroads into this marketshare locally, since thanks to its licensing agreements with Multichoice, it boasts content that’s not available to local Netflix subscribers – such as Game Of Thrones or the more recent episodes of House Of Cards.

You can also watch locally made shows, and shows from South Africa’s TV channals to boot. There are also some high quality programming on there such as The Young Pope, Invader Zim and Taboo (a rather bloody drama starring Tom Hardy, which is set in Victorian London).

Oh and it’s cheaper at the price, at just R99 a month.

If you’re still not convinced, sign up for a free trial and start watching. You can always cancel after time’s up on that and in the meantime you can binge-watch the hell out of a couple of series.

Now, ShowMax subscribers who own PlayStations may be grumbling that their platform has been overlooked. Well, not to get your hopes up immediately, but in a press release ShowMax said that its app’s arrival on the PS4 is all but confirmed.

“To answer the inevitable question – yes the other console app you’re waiting for will be here soon,” said ShowMax’s Richard Boorman.

Of course, he could be talking about ShowMax landing on the Nintendo Switch, but we highly doubt it. Still you never know…