Need to strap a Nintendo Switch to your face? There’s a 3D print for that

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After the initial surge of Nintendo Switch 3D printed accessories, the makers of the world are still coming up with unique add-on.

A new one that popped is from user The Phawx which is a simple visor which houses the Switch on one end and straps to your face on the other.

You’re probably expecting this to be an attempt at creating a VR headset, but that’s not the case. It’s actually just a way to use the console while reclining or lying in bed without the need to hold i up.

You can see a brief overview of the visor in this video and you can find the files on Thingiverse where they’ve been re-uploaded.

It’s a really basic layout right now, requiring a material strap both to anchor the Switch to the print and to keep the Switch itself secured. if you can think of some additions to improve it, feel free to mess around and upload your remix.

The initial prototype was made out of cardboard and we can see that being a cheaper alternative with a cutout that you can fold together much like Google Cardboard.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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