Stay up all night to 3D print these Daft Punk helmets (and gloves)

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We’ve seen 3D printed replicas of the famous Daft Punk helmets before, but these versions by user David Posh are extremely impressive, and they come with the matching gloves.

When we spoke to Posh he told us how he went about creating these prints, starting with existing files which even have an Instructables guide.

From here some custom work needed to be done with the additions of the LED light rings for the Thomas helmet and these ear cup inserts for the Guy-Manuel one.

After 120 hours of printing, the helmets were finished with a lot of Bondo, sanding, and paint. The all important lighting systems were achieved with an Adafruit Feather and an Arduino Nano. See this gif on Posh’s Twitter account for the full effect.

Aside from the fancy suits, something else was needed to complete the look, and that is the gloves.

These are also a custom design and consist of multiple sections glued to regular gloves purchased from Amazon.

At only 15 minutes to design in Fusion 360 these are subtle additions that really made the costume stand out and they were a much quicker build when compared to the helmets.

With Halloween happening tomorrow night we think this is the most impressive maker project we’ve seen for it so far.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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