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Excellent roguelike Dead Cells is coming to all three consoles

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Dead Cells is a current indie darling and one of the newer roguelike titles that has been doing very well for itself on Steam’s Early Access. A new trailer confirms that it will also be heading to the three big consoles before the year is out.

The new trailer accompanies this announcement with a description adding that a release date will be provided later in the year. No mention is made of any possible date when the game will leave Early Access.

While we’d love the game to enter its 1.0 state and release on consoles simultaneously, the most likely play from developers Motion Twin would be a PC release first followed by console some time after. The fact that both of those events are going to happen this year does make us happy, though.

If we’re being extra greedy, we hope there’s also some way of sharing saves between systems, maybe with a custom login page. These roguelikes with playtimes spreading hundreds of hours are really difficult to manage if you have them on multiple systems.

If you’ve been following the development of this game, this news is probably not too surprising. Back in June of 2017 Motion Twin released a vlog stating that they were in “in the process of talking to the three big ones. That’s to say: Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft”.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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