This articulated Atlas is the latest BattleTech 3D print

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While the mechs from BattleTech have always enjoyed a lot of attention from the maker community, there’s been renewed interest in these 3D prints with the release of the new game.

This version by maker Robert Davie is the latest incarnation of Atlas with the model having gone through the hands of many other people.

Davie believes the model started off as a rip from MechWarrior Online before it was modified for articulation. This Atlas is a remix from that articulated version with new additions.

After several days of work in Meshmixer the hips were replaced with a ball joint. There have also been a few visual changes as well as optional part and weapon additions.

Printing took around 24 hours to complete resulting in a mech that stands 14 centimetres tall. You’ll be needing quite a bit of filament if you’re planning on making your own.

The impressive paint job was done using Citadel paints – a simple black base coat followed up by red and black acrylics to match the classic colours of Atlas.

The newest files for this project are available for free from Thingiverse. If you’re not entirely happy with Davie’s version, you can also check out the original edit as well as the static first model from 2014.

The last time we featured an articulated 3D print it happened to be another mech, this time from Titanfall 2. Here’s the Vanguard Titan (the same type as BT-7274) if you want a print that can give you a thumbs up.

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