Adventure Time fan compiles all of the show’s title cards

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Adventure Time recently ended its eight year run with a finale that is being received well by critics and fans alike, with someone from the latter creating a nice tribute to it on Imgur.

User “” has compiled the fantastic title cards that grace the beginnings of each episode into a single resource you can browse at your leisure.

We’re not entirely sure if this is a comprehensive collection due to the way Imgur sometimes miscounts the number of entries in a gallery. Right now there are apparently 280 images, which should line up with the fact that the finale is a four-parter that may share a single card.

Regardless of the accuracy it’s a nice trip down memory lane and a bit of a push for people like us who stopped watching the series some years ago.

The only problem here is the resolution of most cards coming in at 1 280 X 720. Prompted by this we looked at Imgur’s sister site Reddit and found another user doing the same service, but in full HD.

Check out /u/Dan1elm1lev’s post to find all the cards in HD. While it looks to be missing just two images, it makes up for it by also having the episode names and numbers for easier searching should you want to quickly find one.

We’ve embedded the first gallery below, but Imgur’s implementation of this for larger galleries is frustrating, unless you’re a sadist you would like to individually click-through hundreds of images.

Instead view the images directly on Imgur where you can scroll through. Just make sure you’re connected to WiFi as this will eat up a lot of your data.

In honour of Adventure Time’s Series Finale, I present every Title Card of every episode. Come along with me…

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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