Binging with Babish sends off Adventure Time with a special

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With Adventure Time ending recently we’ve seen a lot of its community creating tributes and send offs, so here’s one in the form of food.

Arguably YouTube’s biggest creator around food, Binging with Babish, recently produced a short special focused on a trio of the show’s iconic edibles.

Covered this time around is Prismo’s homemade artisanal pickles, the sentient sandwich and, of course, bacon pancakes.

Unlike some other pieces of fiction these were relatively simple both in terms of scope and complexity, which is unusual for the channel.

Oh, and here’s a link to that bacon pancakes / New York remix that’s shown briefly at the beginning of the video.

Those looking for something more bombastic while still Adventure Time themed should see the episode from last year where a ridiculous sandwich was recreated.

If some bread stuffed with steak, a full Cornish game hen and the soul of a lobster are what you’re craving for lunch today, give it a watch below.

If you’re still hungry for Adventure Time tributes, we recently covered a few outside of the kitchen.

One fan rounded up every single title card into a single gallery, and official 3D prints of the show’s characters recently made their way into the wild.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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