Detective Pikachu continues the tradition of a free promo card

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Update: We’ve been informed by representation of the film’s South African distributors that the Detective Pikachu promo card will not be available in South Africa. 

The original story follows below: 

Pokémon: The First Movie is remembered fondly for many things, one of them being a free promotional trading card of Mewtwo given out to attendees of the film. Now Detective Pikachu is continuing this tradition with a card of its own.

Overseas those who see the movie on opening weekend will receive a card featuring the titular Detective Pikachu.

As we’ve learned from the trailers the Ryan Reynolds-voiced character loves coffee and drinking it is actually this card’s first attack, which is also a heal.

Those hoping to snatch these cards up and sell them at a profit should be warned that the original Mewtwo promo never held any real value due to the sheer number of them which were produced. You can pick one up for just a few dollars from just about anywhere.

It also doesn’t help that the card is not viable in the game at all, being very weak when it comes to its viability in the meta.

Regardless, we’ve contacted local representatives both for the movie and the distribution of the regular card game to find out if these cards will be available to South African movie goers too. We’ll update this story if we get a reply.

This news comes after a bit of a media push that happened a few hours ago.

Ryan Reynolds’ YouTube account, which has uploaded promotional videos for Deadpool in the past, has done the same for Detective Pikachu.

This mock casting video is a trailer unto itself, but it feels more like a sizzle reel for the weird 3D models that have been created for the movie.

The video ends going back to the topic of the promo card, as tickets for the movie are now on sale overseas, which is the main crux of all of this.

Looping back around to Pokémon: The First Movie now as it’s being remade in CG and should also be released this year as Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION. Funnily enough it will also be getting a promo card – this time of the cloned Charizard instead of Mewtwo.

This is a bit of different case as this Charizard is simply an existing card with new artwork, instead of something entirely new like the Detective Pikachu.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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