SMEs to be a major focus at next week’s Dell Technologies Forum

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Next week the Dell Technologies Forum takes place in Johannesburg, with executives and decision makers from South Africa’s largest organisations and enterprises descending upon the Sandton Convention Centre on 27th July.

While those kind of attendees are expected to find plenty of value of the event, Dell explains that small-to-medium enterprises and startups will also be a key focus for the company on the day.

“When you look at medium and start-up businesses, those companies have very similar needs to a large company, but not necessarily the internal resources to always pull it off,” says Sabine Dedering, regional sales director at Dell Technologies South Africa.

“Dell Technologies worldwide has a lot of focus on the medium business. This includes South Africa, where we established a dedicated medium business team about a year ago,” adds Dedering.

She goes on to explain that medium-sized businesses, those with between 100 and 1 000 IT users, do not necessarily have smaller IT footprints than their enterprise peers. Some manage large and complicated accounts or service enormous user-bases among their customers.

As such Dell Technologies believes that SMEs have to deal with the same complex IT issues that larger enterprises do. Until recently these SMEs have had to tackle their IT issues with far fewer resources and access to technology, but this has changed in Dedering’s view.

This balance shifted dramatically with the advent of cloud, scalable services and hyper-converged infrastructure. In spite of this, however, traditional vendors appear to be focusing more on their larger enterprise customers and leaving SMEs in the lurch to a large extent.

Such an approach is not only to the detriment of those SMEs, but also the vendors, especially as a wealth of opportunities lay untapped.

“These are not small customers,” Dedering notes.

“Sometimes they are market leaders in a specific niche. But they don’t have thousands of people. You get your traditional companies that may have a few hundred employees. They provide a certain service on a regional basis or in a niche market and might never grow much beyond that because that’s what they do really well,” she points out.

During the Dell Technologies Forum next week, Dedering hopes that attendees will get to see all the solutions and services that company has on offer to assist them to tackle their everyday problems.

“With support from Dell Technologies, those Medium business and start-up customers can prevent work disruptions, streamline operations, and increase productivity, using scalable, fast technology optimized for the way their business works,” she concludes.

In order to engage with SMEs, the Dell Technologies Forum will have a dedicated stand (the Medium Business Stand) at the event where those interested will be able to engage with Dedering and her team.

To find out more about the Dell Technologies Forum, head here.

[Image – Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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