25th February 2024 10:03 am
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Tiny Money is a game where your bank account determines your size

If you love adventure games, stop motion, heaps of charm and a system where the amount of money you have affects your physical size, you have very specific tastes and Tiny Money satisfies all of them.

This unreleased indie title works in the unique gimmick that those with less money are tiny, and only the fat cats are regular sized humans. It looks like a mix of the old classic The Neverhood and and the movie Downsizing, but with less minuscule Matt Damon.

The lovely trailer for the game (embedded below) came out some time ago, but it’s worth talking about now thanks to some new information on it coming from its twitter account. A demo for the title will be coming soon, as will “our hopes for future development”.

To us that last part sounds like a release roadmap and / or a crowdfunding campaign. Regardless of what news that is, we’re happy to see more of the game.

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There you can also learn more about the game, such as how it’s made. To do the stop motion here the scenes are first planned in 3D modelling software, then it’s created for real in plasticine.

The puppets (which are complex in their own right) are then moved around by hand, frame by frame. One minute of animation here apparently takes 1 500 photos to create.

The trailer then, at 147 seconds, must have been a nightmare to put together, but it gives a great primer for what the game is. It does get rather dark in tone right at the end though.

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