Santa piloting a Christmas X-wing is now a real toy you can’t buy

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While there’s just about an endless amount of things you can buy for Christmas and the holiday season, a recently-revealed exclusive LEGO set may be one of the coolest: a Christmas-themed Star Wars X-wing which appears to be piloted by Santa himself.

Set number 4002019, aptly named “Christmas X-Wing”, features 1 038 pieces and is a redesign of LEGO’s basic X-wing platform that they’ve been selling for some time now.

The colours here have been changed out for a more season appropriate red and white look. Aside from simple colour swapping, the four laser cannons at the end of each S-foil are remade to look like candy canes, complete with the curved end.

Also included in the set is a hover sled manned by Yoda and what looks to be a small hut.

Those reaching for the credit cards may want to put them away as, unfortunately, most people are not able to buy this set.

That’s because it was never intended to be sold in stores. Instead it’s a corporate gift for LEGO’s employees. You can see more of these gifts from over the years here, but this one is special as it’s Star Wars themed to coincide with the two brands working together for 20 years.

Matthew Ashton, a design VP at LEGO, revealed the set in a tweet embedded below. He also points out the clever little detail that this is an “Xmas Xwing”.

Those who still want to get their own will need to try the secondhand market, where it is estimated that it will sell for upwards of $300.

Most of the value of these sets come from them being unopened, so if you just want this to build and display you’ll have to hold thumbs that an owner of the set will share its parts list and instructions in the future. As mentioned earlier this is based on a well-known X-wing layout LEGO has been using for a while, so it could even be reverse engineered by someone with the time and inclination.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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