Google voting opens for Pokémon of the year

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In a bit of a strange collaboration Pokémon has teamed up with Google to allow fans to vote for their favourite of 2020.

From not until 14th February at 5:59 a.m. PST, searching Google for terms such as “Pokemon vote” or simply “Pokémon” will bring up a voting widget just above the search results.

Clicking “Expand” here will bring up the categories. Instead of voting just once for a single Pokemon, you will be able to vote up to eight times. This is because the votes are separated by region.

Once you’ve made your choice and clicked on vote, a message will pop up thanking you and it will prompt everyone to follow the official Pokémon twitter account to see the winners when they’re announced on 27th February.

This day has been chosen as it is “Pokémon Day’, the day in 1996 when the original games launched in Japan.

Some minutia here includes the fact that you can vote once per region daily, and that regional forms still count as a single Pokémon.

February is a busy month for the most popular media brand in the world. Aside from this voting, Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution will be streaming on Netflix from 27th February, Pokémon GO has several events running through the month and the Pokémon Center just started selling a $500 Mareep plush.

Other as yet announced events will also be taking place with a brand new Pokémon set to be revealed together with updates to the Pokémon Masters app and the mainline Sword and Shield games.

All of that is happening later, however. Don’t forget to leave your vote(s) on Google before time runs out if you want your voice heard.

If we had to guess the winner here will likely be an obvious choice like Pikachu or Charizard, or it will be something like Greninja which one a similar popularity contest in the past.

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Clinton Matos

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