LEGO Version of Dom’s Charger still does a wheelie

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Back in January we learned that LEGO would be working with two rather large brands to create new sets: Lamborghini and the Fast & Furious franchise. Finally, in March, we have the first proper reveal from the latter IP in the form of Dominic Toretto’s 1970 Dodge Charger.

Set 42111: Dom’s Dodge Charger is made up of 1 077 pieces and, when assembled, it makes a model that is 1:13 scale.

Overseas the set will sell for $99.99 / €99.99 (~R1 794 / ~R1 977) and it will release globally on 27th April. For us in South Africa, and other similar countries on lockdown, the date and price may be a bit up in the air.

EDIT: We’ve been informed by LEGO South Africa that the set will cost R1 699.99 and will be available for pre-order starting today, 31st March, from the official LEGO Store website. It will begin shipping on 27th April, which is also the day of general release in the country.

Speaking of: this set also mimics the car’s famous propensity to wheelie with what LEGO is calling a “wheelie bar”. While real wheelie bars are attached at the back of the car to stop flipping, this one comes out from the bottom in the centre to mimic a wheelie instead. it looks a bit odd (see the header image above and the gallery below), but it’s a nice little inclusion.

Other smart little touches can be found in the boot, which has two bottles of nitrous oxide (branded as generic N20) and a fire extinguisher in the cabin.

It should be noted that this set falls into LEGO’s Technic line. Technic incorporates more gears, lever arms and mechanisms compared to regular “System” bricks. That’s how this LEGO model has features such as moving pistons, double-wishbone suspension and that retractable wheelie bar.

Right now this is the only set to be announced for the Fast & Furious theme but we wouldn’t be surprised if there were more on the way. The obvious next car to do would be the orange Toyota Supra or the silver and blue Skyline GT-R R34. LEGO has worked with Nissan in the past, making the Skyline more likely.

That being sad that car is closely connected to the character of Brian O’Conner and the late actor Paul Walker, so LEGO may avoid it for now.

[Via – Brickset | The Brothers Brick]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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