Pre-orders open for Phantom Magenta & Arctic Camo Xbox One controllers in SA

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A couple of days ago Microsoft unveiled both the Phantom Magenta and Arctic Camo special editions of its Xbox One controllers, and you can now pre-order them both ahead of their May release dates.

At the time of writing online retailer Raru is the only store we’ve seen stocking these new variants. Both are listed with a RRP of R1 299, but are discounted to R1 249.

The “expected dates” for the controllers are 1st May according to Raru, which is strange as Microsoft had them pegged as a 17th May release.

Release date weirdness aside this is a decent price to pay for a fancy controller shell. Using Raru’s own pricing as a comparison, a bog standard black version of the same controller is selling for R1 149 at the time of writing. R100 extra for these unique colours is a trade we’re sure most people would make.

While Microsoft has made many of these special edition controllers in the past, the Phantom Magenta made some waves when it was announced. While it is described as “a translucent design that fades to dark pink” it reminded many of the famous atomic purple translucent console cases from the older days of Nintendo.

Regardless of why you may want to pick these up, both the Phantom Magenta and Arctic Camo can be pre-ordered right now.

For those who prefer not to shop at Raru (a camp we fall into from past bad experiences with the store), we suggest waiting it out for other outlets to get their orders up. These controller variants do usually pop up at other stores such as BT Games.

For those overseas who already have many Xbox One controllers and just want a shell change, they are relatively easy to come by thanks to platforms like eBay. For us in South Africa the options are more limited, but places such as Bid or Buy do stock a decent amount.

Phantom Magenta

Arctic Camo 

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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