Destiny 2 players are fed up with the latest community event less than 24 hours in

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WARNING: This story contains references to data-mined information.

Coming off of the back of an incredibly lacklustre event in Guardian Games, the latest Destiny 2 community event has landed with a flop.

The event landed on Tuesday tied to a quest known as The Lie. Players need to head to Ana Bray on Mars to collect the quest and when we did on Tuesday evening our hearts sank.

“Rasputin wants closer [sic] look at how Guardians work. Help him set up a network of defenses. Complete public events as a community on three destinations: EDZ, Moon and Io,” reads the quest text.

Bungie later clarified on Twitter that the “public events” referenced in the quest were Seraph Tower public events and that the community would need to complete three million events at each destination (for a total of nine million completions) in order for this quest step to progress.

The good news is that completions are per Guardian and not per event so if you complete the event with nine players, it will count as nine completions.

As soon as this information was cleared up players began to lose interest fast. And we’re not just talking about ordinary folk either.

A Destiny 2 streamer known as SayNoToRage or Lono if you prefer has said outright that they will not be participating in this event. This is jarring as Lono was one of the many streamers that helped solve the Corridors of Time puzzle.

Another popular Destiny 2 content creator and streamer Datto has also expressed their dissatisfaction.

But nothing sums up our feelings better than the video below.

The reward for this quest is already known thanks to dataminers in the community and we know that we will be getting the Legendary shotgun, Felwinter’s Lie.

While the reward is very enticing the prospect of playing Seraph Tower events endlessly is too much for many including us.

Added to this is that half-way through the season the Seraph Tower event went “heroic”. Players now needed to defend two plates simultaneously and without a co-ordinated fireteam this event fails four out of five times. How did I arrive at that figure? I failed the event four out of five times with random players in the world.

We outlined our frustrations with the Seraph Tower event here but it seems Bungie has stuck to its guns and tripled down on the event in hopes that the community will rally together.

At least that last part happened, even if it is a case of players uniting in the decision to simply not complete the event.

As of time of writing there have been 127 735 completions on the EDZ (4.2 percent complete), 19 876 on the Moon (0.6 percent complete) and 11 658 on Io (0.3 percent complete).

Progression via DIM.
Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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