Destiny 2 quest “The Lie” can be completed on Thursday says Bungie

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Destiny 2 players are rather annoyed at the moment thanks to a bugged weapon quest.

In truth the bug currently present in The Lie which prevents players from progressing the quest, is the cherry on a cake made of day old garbage.

At first players were tasked with completing nine million Seraph Tower events. Following push back from the community Bungie added modifiers to fast-track progress but that progress was stone walled on Monday morning.

Players have been stuck outside the Lunar Seraph Bunker on the Warmind Heuristics quest step since then and Bungie appears to have a fix.

Today at 19:00 CAT Destiny 2 will undergo background maintenance to prepare for hotfix which will be delivered on Thursday.

While nothing will happen today, the game will be brought offline on Thursday. Players will only be affected for 15 minutes as the hotfix is applied. We suspect that players will have to download a patch as that’s generally how this sort of update plays out.

With that in mind if you are raiding, doing a dungeon or something else on Thursday, make sure you reach a checkpoint before 18:45 CAT. The game should be back up by 19:00 CAT.

Barring any other bugs, we should finally be able to uncover Rasputin’s most closely guarded secret.

We’re not saying we’ll stop playing if we’re disappointed in the big reveal but it best be big given the troubles we’ve gone through to get to this point.

While you wait for the patch, why not climb to the top of Felwinter’s Peak? What else are you going to do really?

[Source – Bungie]

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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