PlayStation 5’s killer feature is the ability to ditch discs

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A few hours ago Sony finally revealed more of the PlayStation 5 in the PS5 Future of Gaming livestream. A lot was announced including two versions of the console at launch – one with a familiar slot to insert your game discs, and the Digital Edition which ditches that concept entirely.

Yes after years of speculation that one of the big console makers would abandon physical media for games, Sony has gone and done it, albeit in a half measure by providing both alternatives.

This is different from something like the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition as Microsoft’s attempt at the same idea came much later into the that console’s life cycle. Sony providing these two versions together at launch is a strong move in the direction of a disc-less future.

Added to this is the design of the two PS5 options, which you can see above. The Digital Edition is nice and sleek and seems to be the “default” look for the console, while the regular edition has the Blu-ray disc drive awkwardly on the side.

You can see a rather dramatic quick look at these two versions in the short video below, together with the PS5’s other hardware – the previously revealed controller, a charging station for these controllers, a cameras, the Pulse 3D wireless headset and a media remote.

This generation looks like Sony is leaning heavily into the white with black accent look for its hero models, instead of the plain black affair its more known for.

More about the hardware can be found here and, if you follow that link you may notice that it’s the South African subsite for the PlayStation 5. We wouldn’t put too much stock into that, however, as it’s best to wait for news from local distributors about when we will get these consoles and how much they’ll cost.

Even for the US the release date is still pegged as “holiday 2020” and an exact USD price is not available yet.

Of course hardware doesn’t do much if you don’t have any games to play and there were a lot either shown off on the PS5 or revealed.

While you can sit through the hour-plus livestream to see all of the trailers, we’ve simplified the experience by providing an alphabetical list of these below so you can just watch what you’re interested in.

Returning big names like Spider-Man and Horizon are obviously the big hitters, but we’re really looking forward to the smaller new stuff like Returnal, but maybe that’s just because we’re suckers for roguelikes.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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