Unlike Intel, AMD is firing on all cylinders and expects a great year

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We’re sure you’re sick of hearing that we’re living in “unprecedented times” but as 2020 wears on we’re seeing things we didn’t think we’d see again.

Case in point – AMD is doing better than Intel, at least from an operational standpoint.

This comes from AMD’s second quarter results. The COVID-19 pandemic had many folks working from home and this helped revenue for a number of PC and PC part makers, including AMD.

“We delivered strong second quarter results, led by record notebook and server processor sales as Ryzen and EPYC revenue more than doubled from a year ago,” said AMD president and chief executive officer, Dr Lisa Su.

“Despite some macroeconomic uncertainty, we are raising our full-year revenue outlook as we enter our next phase of growth driven by the acceleration of our business in multiple markets,” Su added.

AMD’s growth is incredibly strong and Intel is likely looking at this with concern, especially in the data centre space.

What’s more is that as we mentioned, operationally, AMD has seemingly been working hard during the pandemic.

“We are on track to deliver strong growth in the second half of the year driven by our product portfolio and initial shipments of our next generation Zen 3 CPUs and RDNA 2 GPUs that are on track to launch in late 2020,” said Su.

It’s also important to note that AMD is responsible for the hardware within the forthcoming Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles. The graphics for those consoles is based on the aforementioned RDNA 2 GPUs.

So everything appears to be on track then for new kit from AMD by the close of 2020. This is very different to what we’ve seen from Intel recently.

Last week Intel revealed that production of its 7nm processors would be delayed and as a result may only be available in 2022.

Then earlier this week Intel reshuffled its Technology Systems Architecture Group which meant chief engineering officer and executive vice president, Venkata “Murthy” Renduchintala is no longer with the firm.

With AMD looking to be in a stronger position than Intel, these really are unprecedented time.

[Source – AMD]

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz writes news, reviews, and opinion pieces for Hypertext. His interests include SMEs, innovation on the African continent, cybersecurity, blockchain, games, geek culture and YouTube.