29th November 2023 7:47 pm
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Unboxing the new RCT UD5381 surveillance kit for homes/small offices

With many more South Africans working remotely at the moment, the fact that you’re not leaving the homestead does not mean you should leave it unprotected. As such, home surveillance solutions are becoming all the more important as criminals get more brazen. 

But which solution to go for? 

Many are quite expensive, and often complicated to understand, requiring you to call in an “expert” to install. Given that lockdown makes these kinds of interactions difficult, not to mention unnecessary in many cases, you need a home surveillance solution that is easy to set up, is smarter than most, and does not break the bank. 

This brings us to the new RCT UD5381 kit.

RCT is a division of local tech distributor Rectron, and it has put together this bundle as a convenient at-home solution that we’ll be taking a closer look at today. 

Let’s start with perhaps the most important element – the UT6306-H Turret Dome Network Cameras.

You get four of these with the bundle, and each features a weatherproof design for setup indoors or outdoors. They can record up to FullHD 1080p, with the added benefit of recording objects up to 30 metres away at night, as well as picking up audio up to 10 metres away. This provides added layers of surveillance that other solutions simply do not offer. 

Next is the FE511 Switch 4-port PoE+. This black box facilities simple and easy plug and play functionality for those who want a wired connection for their surveillance system. The benefit of such a setup means latency is significantly reduced while also lengthening the lifespan of the aforementioned cameras.  

Once the connectivity has been established, you’ll be turning to the UB5381 Desktop NVR. This unit supports up to an eight channel live view, which means you can create a surveillance centre at home. Simply hook a monitor up to the system to see your cameras streaming live, with a handy RCT Viewer mobile app available to check in when you’re on the move.

Said footage is recorded on the 1TB Seagate SkyHawk HDD drive. Purpose-built for use in surveillance, these hard wearing drives can record 24/7, and boast the fact that no frames are dropped. This means you’ll have a reliable system in place to record home surveillance footage as needed. 

Being sold locally via Takealot, the RCT UD5381 kit will cost roughly R10 399, depending on the retailer.