23rd February 2024 11:59 am
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Google’s new favicons suck, this free extension switches them back

Back in the olden days of October (2020 feels like a decade passes each month), Google started pushing out a change that many people aren’t fans of.

That change was to Google’s icons for its apps.

The changes were meant to bring the apps together so that you knew when you were using a Google product, but quite the opposite has happened.

The icons are all created using Google’s yellow, red, blue and green colour scheme which has resulted in the favicons of these apps looking almost identical. If like us you are using a darker browser window, the icons begin to fade into the background and we’ve already had instances where one window contains five windows just for Gmail.

It’s just annoying and one has to wonder if these icons were tested in the wild at all before being implemented.

Is it a big problem? No. Is it incredibly annoying? Absolutely.

Today we bring you news that you can change those icons back with a Chrome extension.

Created by Claudio Postinghel, the rather simply named “Restore old Google icons” was uploaded to the Chrome Web Store this week.

The extension works in Google Chrome, as well as Brave (which is built on Chrome) but you won’t be able to find it for Firefox just yet although, Engadget reports that Postinghel is working on a version for Mozilla’s browser.

The only favicon which doesn’t work correctly is the dynamic date favicon for Google Calendar.

While the older blue icon is there, it doesn’t showcase the date as it once did. That having been said it is more recognisable than the technicolour mess Google changed it to.

You can add the Restore old Google icons extension to your Chrome browser here for free.

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