5th December 2023 2:43 pm
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Seagate brings expanded storage to your brand new Xbox

There may be an entirely new generation of consoles with the Xbox Series X and Series S recently launching in South Africa, but one lingering problem remains: the need for more storage.

Game sizes show no signs of slowing down, all forms of the medium are increasing their resolution (and files sizes) and digital rights issues bring to the fore how precarious things can be unless you have your content downloaded and ready to go on hardware you own.

Thankfully the trusted name in storage for this generation and the next – Seagate – has two options for those looking to bring more capacity to the Series X|S.

Both options we’re going to be talking about below don’t just have Seagate’s familiar stamp of approval as they’ve worked closely with Microsoft and the Xbox team to provide the best possible storage expansion for your new console.

Seagate Storage Expansion Card

The Expansion Card may be the most elegant storage product we’ve ever seen. Simply plug it into the dedicated port on your new Xbox and bam.. an extra terabyte ready to go.

No cables to mess with, no extra hassle, just a massive hit of extra capacity for your console. When removing the product from the box is the most complicated part of brand new tech, you know you’re in good hands.

Much has been said about the speed of the Series X|S and all the exciting opportunities Velocity Architecture brings to the table with the most hyped being Quick Resume allowing multiple games to live in a kind of suspended animation until you’re ready to play again.

The Seagate Storage Expansion Card offers the same speed and functionality as the lightning fast storage that comes shipped in the brand new Series X|S. That partnership between Seagate and the people who made the Xbox really shines through here because the name – Expansion Card – really shines through here.

This isn’t some tacked on addition, or some afterthought inclusion… it’s an expansion of the new and improved Xbox experience.

Oh and we were kind of lying before. After you take the Expansion Card out of the box there’s a protective cover you need to remove too. It’s just an extra layer of protection for those complex internals and one more quick installation step.

Seagate Game Drive for Xbox

Because of the full backwards compatibility of the Series X|S it means that you can bring all your previous-gen Xbox games with you to the next generation. These may not be games you play every day, but favourites that you fire up every once in a while for that old friend experience, or when real friends are around and you want to rope them in.

For these titles you don’t necessarily need the speed that the Series X|S internal storage – or the Expansion Card – offer and that’s where the Game Drive for Xbox comes in.

Offered in massive 2 and 4 terabyte variants, this expansion option means you never really need to uninstall or delete anything. While this capacities would have been overkill a few years ago, Xbox Game Pass offers an entire catalogue of stuff to play for no extra purchase on top of the subscription.

It really incentives you to download them all and at least give them a try, and the Game Drive for Xbox means you won’t need to uninstall afterwards.

Solid performance of up to 140 MB/s are still present here and they connect to your console with a single cable, so accessing your old games and files is still just as easy.

You can soon get your Seagate Storage Expansion Card and Seagate Game Drive for Xbox from local online retailer Takealot.