South African PlayStation 5 pre-orders sold out in 67 seconds

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The PlayStation 5 launches in South Africa next week, 19th November, and pre-orders for it are selling out extremely fast.

These pre-orders are being done in batches as more stock becomes available to retailers in the country, as well as preventing scalpers from simply buying up the entire supply all at once.

The second batch of pre-orders went live recently and local online retailer Raru has revealed that all its allocation of consoles sold out in just one minute seven seconds. Yes in a total of 67 seconds, South Africans (or bots) hungry to buy the console snapped everything up.

In the replies to this news you can see that some people tried their best to pick up their console only to find it scooped by someone else before they could complete the purchase.

Looking at other retailers and they are similarly sold out. Takealot doesn’t even have the console listed in its search results and neither does Loot.

Koodoo doesn’t have any PS5s listed either, but does have the option to leave your email address to be alerted once more become available.

BT Games still allows potential buyers to pre-order, but notes that the second drop of consoles will only be available two to three weeks after the launch of the console.

What we don’t know right now (despite our prodding) is how many consoles are actually arriving in South Africa and at each retailer. It’s impressive that the second drop of pre-orders sold out in 67 seconds, but if Raru only got a handful of allocated consoles to sell, it isn’t as impactful.

We’ll need to sit tight and wait for the public launch of the PlayStation 5 next week to see how well South Africans have been catered for when it comes to buying the next-gen Sony machine, but right now it looks like it’s a case of undersupply.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of