7th December 2023 9:00 am
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Crowdfunding for the GPD Win 3 goes live this week

The Win 3, a full Windows gaming handheld made by company GPD, will go live on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo later this week, 15th January.

As a quick reminder before we get into the details of the campaign: the Win 3 is a device loosely based on the old Sony Vaio UX. It’s the latest in the line of “Win” handhelds which GPD have been making to offer Windows gaming while on the go. The Win devices traditionally took the form of clamshells, but the Win 3 breaks this trend.

A preview of the Indiegogo page can be found here and, on 15th January 2021, the actual page will go live.

From previous announcements we know that the Win 3 will start at $799 (~R12 304) and go up from there, but the preview page reveals more.

First is the amount of money that the company is hoping to raise. $200 000 (~R3 million) is the goal of the campaign, but it is a flexible goal meaning that GPD will get whatever money is raised even if it doesn’t meet that number. This shouldn’t be a worry, however, as GPD has used crowdfunding for all its previous devices which have all met their goals within a few hours and gone on to rake in much more money.

The backer tiers have not been revealed yet so we don’t have details about the exact packages backers will be able to buy into. That being said we do know the specs of the Win 3 with either an Intel i5-1135G7 or i7-1165G7 being the heart of the machine. The lesser spec i5-1135G7 is slated for that $799 price while the i7-1165G7 will be $899 (~R13 844). Those CPUs are paired with 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD.

The Win 3’s unique design makes it similar in size to a Switch Lite albeit thicker than Nintendo’s console. Like the Switch Lite it also has a lower resolution screen at just 720p. This is made up by the fact that it’s only 5.5 inches.

Over the past few weeks in the lead up to the Indiegogo campaign GPD has been releasing many videos showing off game performance on the device. The latest of these is embedded below and it demonstrates an emulated version of God of War 3. If you’re wondering how a company can use a Sony exclusive in emulation as marketing well you also have to ask how the entire design of the Win 3 is also so close to the aforementioned Vaio UX. As a Chinese company GPD plays a bit fast and loose with Western copyright laws.

For those wanting some independent coverage of the device YouTube channel The Phawx has an early version of the device in hand and has been producing content around it. We suggest checking the channel’s videos out if you’re seriously considering parting with your money when the crowdfunding goes live this week.

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