1st December 2023 8:54 pm
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MachineGames is hiring, likely for the Indiana Jones game

It’s recently been revealed that developer MachineGames will be developing a game based on Indiana Jones which will be published by Besthesda under the revived Lucasfilm Games banner. If you’d like to be working on that game, which also involved Todd Howard, well then MachineGames is hiring.

On the official MachineGames career page there’s currently 19 job openings available at the time of writing. We’ve looked through them and there’s no specific mention of Indiana Jones, but we have to imagine that’s what most developers at the company will be working on in the future.

Below are the openings in alphabetical order:

• 3D Artist
• Associate Producer
• Audio Programmer
• Build Engineer
• Lead Engine Programmer
• Level Designer
• Monetization & Live Designer
• Producer
• QA
• Senior Environment Artist
• Senior Gameplay Animator
• Senior Gameplay Programmer
• Senior Live Programmer
• Senior Technical Animator
• Senior Technical Artist
• Senior Tools Programmer
• Senior VFX Artist
• Sound Designer
• UI/UX Programmer

If the JobIDs attached to these positions are correct many of the positions were posted before the reveal of the Indiana Jones game on 12th January 2021. Again this still likely means that they’re staffing up to make the new title.

Looking at the job titles and one that really stands out to us is “Monetization & Live Designer”. Nothing has been revealed about the Indiana Jones game other than the fact that it’s “A new Indiana Jones game with an original story”. MachineGames looking for someone in this role has us a little worried that the game will have larger paid elements outside of the initial purchase price.

As for what a Monetization & Live Designer does, according to the MachineGames job opening, a few responsibilities are listed. These include managing an in-game economy, game Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), “healthy and acceptable monetization” and a few more worrying terms for those who don’t like to fork out extra money on games.

Even more concerning is the mention of a “monetization team” that drives “regular updates to the in-game store”.

For now all we can do is wait for more information to be revealed about the unnamed Indiana Jones games. Bethesda’s other projects like Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield were announced years ago with no updates, so we may be waiting a very long time before more is revealed about this title. That said this story stands as a piece of evidence should the game be revealed to be heavily monetised.

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