29th November 2023 9:07 pm
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New Pokémon Snap launches in April with a giant Meganium

Revealed in June 2020 New Pokémon Snap sat without a release date for some time, but now we know that it will launch on the Nintendo Switch come 30th April, along with a huge Meganium.

Announcing this release date is a trailer (embedded below) which features the large grass Pokémon. Meganium is the final stage of the gen two starter Chikorita and it has never been this big.

The latest mainline games Sword and Shield introduced the Dynamax mechanic which allowed any Pokémon to grow many times its normal size. It’s made abundantly clear in those games that Dynamaxing can only happen in the Galar region and New Pokémon Snap takes place in the new Lental region.

For now Meganium being huge is a bit of a mystery we’ll have to wait to explore more of. Strange things like this have been seen before in the franchise such as in the well known Island of the Giant Pokémon from the anime. That being said the anime has many examples of “weird one off things we never talk about again” so maybe that isn’t the best example.

Meganium aside what else does the trailer have to offer? The first thing that jumps out to us is the quality of the animations. Sword and Shield faced many valid criticisms for its stale animations which have not changed or improved since its release in November 2019. Seeing some decent quality here is a treat, even if this game is still far from a graphical beauty.

The rest of the trailer is a combination of quick scenes of Pokémon in their habitats being photographed by the player. We love the little touches such as fire Pokémon Torchic cooking its food and the two bug Pokémon Heracross and Pinsir having a fight.

Pre-orders for the New Pokémon Snap have also opened up but, as always, we advise against pre-ordering and instead waiting for reviews. The official site for the game is also available for you to explore.

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