29th November 2023 7:32 am
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South Africans asked to ‘express your interest’ in the Mario Nintendo Switch

Last week Nintendo announced the Mario Red & Blue Edition of its console which features a unique colour scheme as well as a carrying case for the same price as a regular Switch. It hasn’t been announced for South Africa yet, but those interested in buying it need to make their intentions known.

The weekly public newsletter from the official Nintendo distributor in South Africa – Core – has announced this to its subscribers in the latest issue.

“This special edition Nintendo Switch console, which includes a carrying case in matching red and blue colours, arrives in Stores on February 12th – the same day as Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury! More details coming soon,” the newsletter reads.

Under this description of the console and the promise for more details is a button reading “express your interest”. Clicking on it creates a new email draft and populates it as follows:

To: nintendo@core.co.za

Subject: Expression of interest | Nintendo Switch Mario Red and Blue Edition

Body: I would like to receive more information on the Nintendo Switch Mario Red and Blue Edition.

It seems that Core is looking at the potential amount of buyers for this device prior to bringing it into the country. We’ve sent the pre-made email to Core as a regular customer and there’s been no reply just yet. It seems we’ll have to wait until closer to 12th February to see what happens.

This system is a bit odd when you consider that all the other special editions of the Nintendo Switch were brought into the country with no questions. Versions such as those for Animal Crossing: New HorizonsPokémon Let’s Go, Diablo III, Fortnite and more simply arrived on shelves.

Finally there’s the topic of price. Overseas the Mario Red & Blue Edition will still cost the same $299 (~R4 573) that the regular Switch goes for. This means, at least for the Americans, they can buy a special console for the same price as the base version and they effectively get that carry case for free. Here in South Africa the price of the Nintendo Switch ballooned to a massive R7 999 in June 2020 and shows no sign of being reduced, even as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S released in the country.

You can see a few glamour shots of the Mario Red & Blue Edition in the announcement tweet below:

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