6th December 2023 10:32 am
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Assemble your fireteam, Hawkmoon random rolls are live in Destiny 2

Back in December, an old weapon was introduced into Destiny 2. That weapon was the much loved Hawkmoon from the original game.

Once the weapon was in the hands of Season of the Hunt players it was discovered that the random nature of the original Destiny weapon would return in the form of random rolls.

For weeks, players have been waiting for a way to earn these random rolls and on Tuesday an update made that possible.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is make sure you have Hawkmoon and assemble a fireteam of three. From there you and your two teammates should head to Crow on the Tangled Shore to pick up an Exotic quest called Bird of Prey. We’ll get to this mission a bit later.

From there you will need to head to the second floor of the ABS Kastner building in Trostland in the EDZ, to the far right of where you spawn. Equip Hawkmoon, shoot the fireplace and start the Harbinger mission with the prompt at the entrance to the tunnel.

You do not have to have the Bird of Prey quest to start the Harbinger mission.

Follow the tunnel and before you hit the laptop at the end of a corridor swing right and follow the tunnel to a door. Opening the door will bring you to a set of steps. Head outside and kill the Taken Hobgoblin on the ledge. Jump to that ledge and look for a branch poking out of the terrain.

From there jump to the dam wall and look for a grate, beneath that grate is a tunnel that you must follow to find the three emissaries you need to dispatch.


You will then encounter the three emissaries you need to dispatch in order to progress the mission and this is where your two other fireteam members are no longer an option but a necessity.

The three emissaries have elemental shields that appear to have Match Game enabled. This means you will need a Void, Arc and Solar weapon (or elemental damage) in order to make quick work of the enemies. Once you have done enough damage to an emissary they will disappear and you will need to hunt them down. You can find the enemies by looking for Taken blights blocking doorways. Listen out for the spawning of Taken after the emissary disappears, this will help you locate a doorway blocked by Taken Blights. Shoot those blights and you will be able to follow a path to the emissary. Repeat this three times, kill all enemies and a final path will open up.

Follow this path and you will hit an area you will have visited during the Crow’s Nest mission back in December. This area is below the final boss room of the Lake of Shadows strike.

You are then given the objective, “Survive” and here you will have a hard time playing solo. The mission requires a power level of 1270 and there are hordes of Taken to deal with including Unstoppable Champions.

Completing this objective will drop a reward chest but we aren’t done yet.

Head up toward the ship that was discovered last week but instead of looking for the ship continue toward the Hallowed Rift.

Here you will complete the jumping puzzle you did during the original Hawkmoon quest. The path is rather logical and your shouldn’t get lost. Here you will fight hordes of Taken until you face the boss and once you defeat it a reward chest will spawn. A word of warning, this boss is tough and will require plenty of ammo to take down.

This chest will reward the Hawkmoon catalyst as well as two random rolls of the weapon. Unfortunately, it seems as if you can only complete this mission once per character per week so pray that your luck is good.

Over on Light.gg you can take a gander at the perks that Hawkmoon can now roll with.

Bird of Prey

The Bird of Prey Exotic quest is for a ship and requires that you collect Paracausal Feathers over multiple weeks from within the Harbinger mission. These feathers are scattered around the dam and unfortunately we don’t have a full map of where to locate the feathers just yet.

Collecting all of the feathers the quests requires will reward you with the Radiant Accipiter ship.

It’s unclear how long this mission will be available for so if you’re looking to improve your Hawkmoon, now is the time to farm.

As always we recommend heading to the Destiny 2 LFG (looking for group) to search for team-mates if you happen to be solo.

While you can complete Harbinger on your own it is an immense battle and we recommend using an LFG service to save yourself the headache.

There is no time limit to this mission, but a good team should be able to complete it in under 15 minutes.

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