7th December 2023 6:48 pm
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Got EA Play for 80% off? Here’s what to spend your time on

Between now and 9th March EA Play on Steam is discounted by a rather massive 80 percent for first time subscribers. This means you can buy a month of EA Play for just R9.70 at the time of writing, and those on console can get in for slightly more at R16.95.

The obvious next question is: what to play? You can get through multiple games in a single month even if you’re playing in your free time before work, but you obviously only want to hit the good stuff.

We’ve compiled a loose list of what we think you should play, sticking strongly to how long it takes to complete on average according to HowLongToBeat.

Titanfall 2: ~6 hours to beat. One of our favourite shooters of all time that combines the slick FPS combat we now expect from developer Respawn combined with the mech Titans. Who doesn’t love mechs? What makes Titanfall 2’s campaign even better is the fact that the rather generic sci-fi plot has a lot of heart in it and main characters Jack Cooper and BT-7274 have a heartfelt connection. If you’re not a tiny bit teary eyed by the end we’re not sure anything can save your cold, dead heart.

While this list will be focusing on singleplayer the multiplayer of Titanfall 2 is damn good and we spent hundreds of hours in it at launch. The playerbase is much smaller now four years later but you should be able to get it going especially as other people try it out with the reduced price of EA Play.

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Dead Space: ~11 hours to beat. A modern classic. If you’ve not played this one yet this is finally the time to do so. This horror third person shooter is the perfect blend of action of scares combined with an engaging story, something you can continue in…

Dead Space 2 (~9 hours to beat) and Dead Space 3: (~13 hours to beat). The entire Dead Space franchise is available on EA Play so you can get through everything in your one cheap month of access. While the sequels fall off in quality you can always install and play them for a bit, and feel less guilty if you give up (especially on Dead Space 3, the black sheep of the family).

Star Wars: Squadrons: ~9 hours to beat. The newest game here with a caveat connected to EA Play as you only get to experience it for 10 hours. That’s not a problem, however, as that should be enough time for you to play through the singleplayer. Star Wars: Squadrons is a mix of sci-fi space sim and arcade flyer in which you get to control the famous starfighters from Star Wars. The level of detail in this game is astounding and, as it’s only playable in first person, you get a real appreciation for the replication of these fighters.

There’s also a small multiplayer offering here but you likely won’t have time to try it in the 10 hours. The singleplayer is really where you should spend your time, however.

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Need for Speed Heat: ~12 hours to beat. The Need for Speed series has spanned the gamut of great to bad ,but the 2019 release of Heat was incredibly enjoyable. Developer Ghost Games nailed the cheesy tone that often goes hand in hand with the story surrounding arcade racing games but it stops short of being cringe inducing.

The visuals are incredible and the racing is the most fun we’ve had in an arcade racer that doesn’t carry the Forza name. The mix of day and night racing mixes things up and gives you a reason to keep coming back to Need for Speed Heat.

In our opinion this is the best Need for Speed game to date and since it’s in your library now, it’s well worth a test drive.

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: ~16.5 hours to beat. The longest singleplayer offering on here but maybe most worth your time. Fallen Order borrows heavily from the Souls games but puts a Star Wars spin on it offering satisfying lightsaber combat and exploration that utilises your force powers.

You can put many more hours into this game if you explore everything and try to find all the unlocks, so this may be the only game you play in your first month of EA Play if it’s the first game you download. Even if you do that it will be a worthwhile endeavour, so give it a shot.

Honourable mentions:

  • Battlefield 1 ~6.5 hours to beat.
  • Mirror’s Edge ~6 hours to beat.
  • Unravel ~6 hours to beat.
  • Crysis ~10 hours to beat | Crysis 2 ~9 hours to beat | Crysis 3 ~7 hours to beat
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted ~10 hours to beat.

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