29th November 2023 7:46 am
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Supersonic AirFibre is a connectivity solution for areas without fixed-line

MTN has announced a new range of internet connectivity packages under its Supersonic banner called AirFibre.

As Supersonic explains, this solution is specifically aimed at areas of the country where traditional connectivity infrastructure is not in place. It is also designed for those customers who cannot afford to wait for such infrastructure to be in place, whether that be because of a need for distance learning or remote working.

“From Soweto to Swellendam, we believe that every household deserves the speed and benefits of fibre-like connectivity, and through AirFibre we believe we can achieve this.” enthuses Supersonic MD, Calvin Collett.

Supersonic AirFibre is built on unlicensed spectrum, according to MTN, with the solution designed, built and is maintained by the network’s technology team.

Our Supersonic AirFibre offering is in line with our track record of optimising frequency bands. Previously, we have undertaken this approach through the allocation of repurposed bands for 2G mobile services (using GSM technology) as well as a new generation of mobile technologies, including third generation (using UMTS) technology and fourth-generation (using LTE) technology,” adds Collett.

As for the packages, prices are listed below, with further information found on the Supersonic site here.

The AirFibre packages are broken down as follows, but it is unclear if they are unshaped or what their fair usage caps are:

  • R399 for 5Mbps uncapped 
  • R499 for 10Mbps uncapped  
  • R599 for 20Mbps uncapped 
  • R799 for 50Mbps uncapped 
  • R999 for 100Mbps uncapped 

“With pricing set from a competitive R399 for 5Mbps Uncapped, AirFibre, which enables multiple users to connect through a single account using the Wi-Fi router that comes as part of the package, is a boon for the ‘new normal’ where communities need to balance life in a pandemic.” Collett concludes.

While we’re of the opinion that the starting price of R400 a month is still out of the reach for many South Africans, it is interesting to see MTN use its Supersonic ISP to cater to the underserved parts of the country.

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