No Man’s Sky gets a Pokémon twist with the Companions Update

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Quietly in the background No Man’s Sky continues to receive more content with the latest “Companions Update” being billed as the first free DLC for 2021. As you may have guessed by the name (and our headline) it’s focused on getting you some alien friends.

“Every planet you land on in No Man’s Sky is full of varied creatures, but as wild animals players often didn’t get to spend much time up close with them. Our creatures are weird, vibrant and surprising, and we wanted to give them a starring role in this update. With the COMPANIONS update, players can now tame, breed, train and even speak to the creatures they encounter,” reads the announcement.

After adopting creatures found out in the wild players can use them for various activities such as scanning for resources and even mining using their own laser. Players can then also breed their companions to make new ones which can be genetically modified and will inherit traits from its parents.

Up to six creatures can be kept as companions at once and you can even give them nicknames to keep track of your party. Apart from all the other Pokémon simularities we had to laugh at this one as a six party limit and nicknames has been a staple of that series since its inception.

The Companion’s Update has its own dedicated site which you can visit here but we have to recommend against it. For some reason when we visited this page through stock Google Chrome our GPU – an RX 580 8GB – was immediately pegged at 100%. It may just be a problem our side but if you visit it and wonder why your fans ramp up just close the tab. If you don’t experience these problems or you want to brave through them the site does have full patch notes for this update which includes some UI improvements and bug fixes.

This update is completely free for the many versions of the game and out now. The base game itself is also discounted by 50 percent on Steam and GOG. The PlayStation Store, which stocks the game for the PS4 and PS5, has it 25 percent off. The Microsoft Store for the Xbox One and Series X|S ports doesn’t seem to have a public discount but it’s worth remembering that No man’s Sky is included in Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.

If you’re not too keen on taking alien pets on your adventures in No Man’s Sky this is only the start for this game this year with developer Hello Games promising more in the future.

“Hello Games had a very busy 2020, and it was heartening for the team to know we were providing some form of escapism for folks. It was our biggest year to date, and we’re enjoying keeping the momentum going as we head into 2021. The support of the wider community has allowed us to continue working on this game we love so much. We never take it for granted and genuinely thank you,” the developer writes.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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