5th December 2023 2:06 pm
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Vodacom Payment Services get your business paid anywhere

If you own or operate a small-to-medium-sized enterprise business (SME) you know what a headache accepting payments can be. Even if you offer the best product or service to your customers, accepting payments from them can be complex as you need to juggle different services, all with their own set of hidden fees, charges and foibles.

Seeking to streamline this and offer you an all-in-one package is Vodacom and its Payment Services ecosystem that combines in-person and online payment options for your business in one simple package.

While the pandemic still continues, lockdown restrictions in South Africa is lessening and more people are looking to go back into brick and mortar stores to spend their money, and this is one of the best ways Vodacom Payment Services can help your business.

The VodaPay Max point-of-sale (POS) device combines just about every local payment option you can think of into one device. The rental of the VodaPay Max is a complete package to get you going with no extra setup fees, service fees or any other kind of hidden fee. In fact you actually get free insurance with the rental so you can keep making money without worrying about losing it.

We’re a tech site here and we do have to add that the VodaPay Max is a rather pleasing piece of kit to look at. We’re used to chunky old pieces of plastic for POS devices but this one looks modern and should fit into even the trendiest stores.

Aside from the VodaPay Max, standalone QR code payment is available by way of VodaPay Chop-Chop. Simply setup a small placard with the QR code and allow your customers to pay seamlessly using the South African Mobile Payment Wallet of their choice. This has no rental fees and no setup costs with a fair percentage fee taken per transaction.

If your business is more focused on online sales, or you simply want to bolster that area of sales, Vodacom has you covered too.

The E-Commerce switch offers a safe Pay Button for your online store so that it can take card transactions. This keeps your books in the black and your customers safe so everyone is happy. There is also a small percentage fee here per transaction and a once-off setup cost for IT integration.

If you’re interested head on over to the Vodacom Payment Services website to get started. You can choose the “call me back” option to speak to a representative with no cost to you.

Better yet is the Contact Us form which you can fill out, where Vodacom promises that it can match the fees you’re currently forking over for your payment solution. Simply fill in your contact details and someone will get back to you to continue the conversation and find a plan that works for you.

This is just scratching the surface of Vodacom Payment Services with more on offer such as business insights to grow your company and real time transaction data. These boons are readily available from Vodacom so if you’ve been looking for a solid payment business partner, look no further.