8th December 2023 11:34 am
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Third-party Twitter apps face problems connecting to the platform

  • Since Musk took over, Twitter has suffered some UX pains as a result of sweeping changes to the platform. 
  • The latest appears to be an ability for third-party applications to connect to Twitter. 
  • This as Tweetbot, Echofon, and Twitterrific have all experienced issues recently, and await feedback from Twitter.

It is safe to say that Twitter has had some teething problems ever since Chief Twit Elon Musk took the reigns last year. While he appears content to stay in charge until he steadies the ship as he sees fit, it looks like the latest issue impacting the social media platform relates to third-party apps. 

This as three applications in particular, which are among the most popular currently available, have cited issues with connecting to Twitter. The third-party apps in question are Tweetbot, Echofon, and Twitterrific, all of which have communicated some sort of issue with their respective users. 

The apps have also reached out to Twitter to find out what the issue is, and feed it back to users, but at the time of writing, no communication has been sent out by Twitter. 

Whether the lack of comms has anything to do with Musk firing swathes of the organisation since taking over remains unclear, but there is certainly something wrong at the moment if third-party apps which have not had issues prior to his ownership are now experiencing connectivity problems. 

Speaking to TechCrunch on the matter, Tweetbot’s Paul Haddad noted that the app started experiencing problems last night, specifically 19:30 PST, also highlighting that API requests were failing. 

The publication points out that other third-party apps are experiencing problems too, with users  Fenix, Twitpane, Feather, and Talon unable to connect to Twitter via the respective platforms. More worryingly though, an unnamed Twitter developer has told TechCrunch that the three aforementioned apps show up as “suspended” on their end.

As this is a developing story, we’ll need to see what happens over the coming days and weeks. Hopefully though it is nothing nefarious, and simply a case of Twitter surreptitiously changing its API for third-party apps, resulting in this recent ruckus. 

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