8th December 2023 11:05 am
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Single or taken, make HUAWEI your Valentine

Valentine’s Day has come around once again, and, preceding the most romantic day of the year, HUAWEI has released its latest and most exciting flagship yet in the form of the Mate50 Pro.

With HUAWEI’s massive presence in South Africa and continued support of the local market, you may already have heard that the Mate50 Pro is available locally with several launch discounts, bundles, special offers and more. These bonuses come from HUAWEI, official retailers, mobile networks and more, and apply to both outright purchases and monthly contracts.

While you may already know all of that, you may not be familiar with some of the super specs inside of the Mate50 Pro that makes it so unique, starting with an element that’s paramount to most phone buyers: the camera.

The Mate50 Pro features a game changer in the form of the Ultra Aperture XMAGE Camera. The back of this phone is occupied in part by a behemoth of a camera array with three lenses, each of which could be its own impressive camera, but together form an image and video capturing suite that HUAWEI has engineered to do just about everything, even competent night time work, which has historically been a sore point for all phones.

This is thanks to the 50MP Ultra Aperture Camera, 64MP Telephoto Camera and 13MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera. One reason why dark photography and video works so well is the Ultra Aperture Camera, which has 10 sizes of apertures to maximise the amount of light going into the sensor, when light is at a premium.

Flip the Mate50 Pro around to find another innovation in the display. While the 120Hz, 6.74inch screen, complete with an insane resolution of 2616 X 1212, is impressive, what really has us excited is the Kunlun Glass on the top. Boasting a five-star glass drop resistance certification from Switzerland’s SGS, the first of its kind, owners can finally rest at ease during drops and accidents. While many of us try our best to keep our phones safe, the ugly reality is that drops will happen, so it’s good to know that you have the best glass protection available.

On the much prettier side of things is the design of the Mate50 Pro which wraps all these innovations together. If you’re choosing the Mate50 Pro as your valentines purely on looks, we won’t blame you, as it has several aesthetically pleasing design choices to set it apart from the crowd.

Again we have to return to that camera array as it features a ring around the enclosure with a knurled metal design that we simply don’t see in modern smartphones.