2nd December 2023 5:39 pm
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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty crosses 10K ‘Mostly Negative’ reviews

  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has brought in more than 10 000 reviews on Steam.
  • A shockingly low 39 percent of these reviews are actually positive.
  • The much anticipated game from Koei Tecmo / Team Ninja stands with a “Mostly Negative” review rating.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has crossed a threshold on Steam by surpassing the 10 000 review mark, but this isn’t a cause for celebration as the majority of those reviews are negative.

At the time of writing the latest title from Koei Tecmo Games has 10 327 reviews. A scant 39 percent of those reviews are positive, however, leaving Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty with a “Mostly Negative” review rating.

Scrolling down into the reviews to see what owners of the game have to say reveal that the problems they have with this game are numerous.

Many of the negative reviews point to poor PC performance of the game. Crashes, non-functional co-op, game freezes, loss of progress, bad controls on mouse and keyboard, rendering issues, generally poor optimisation, stuttering and more. It seems that, if you can think of a problem that a PC game port can have, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has it.

Looking past the countless reviews about technical problems also reveals that a not insignificant amount of users also have issues with the core design of the game. Strange difficulty scaling, a lack of variety, a lacklustre story and the Morale System are all points of contention with the community.

Many users also comment that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty simply fails to improve on the gameplay and presentation of the Nioh series, the previous games from developer Team Ninja. Several reviews we read suggest that anyone considering Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty should simply go and play Nioh 2 instead.

Unfortunately, at least right now, there’s no word from the powers that be when it comes to fixing any of these issues. The last update on Steam was several days ago, on 3rd March, which announced that the game was available. The official Twitter accounts for the game, Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo are all silent with no mention of any potential fixes.

For now it seems like it’s best to avoid Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – at least on PC – until some of this can be resolved. For those who do want to give it a try despite these issues, save your money by playing the free demo or the full game through Game Pass instead.

By the time some fixes are rolled out maybe a sale will even be available, which would help the massive increase in price the game received just before launch where we saw a 64 percent increase locally.

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