5th December 2023 8:29 am
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Destiny’s next Raid Race is going to be a Twitch Rivals event

  • Destiny 2’s Root of Nightmares Raid launches this Friday and will feature as a Twitch Rivals event.
  • Viewers watching streamers who participate in the event will become eligible for exclusive emblem drops.
  • Of course, any team of six players can participate in the race whether they’re part of Twitch Rivals or not.

Last week Tuesday Bungie launched its latest expansion for Destiny 2, Lightfall. We’re still busy ploughing through the content thanks to loadshedding and we’re intentionally holding our thoughts until after this weekend.

That’s because this weekend the latest Raid for Destiny 2 is set to launch. The Raid is known as the Root of Nightmares.

From that cutscene it seems the Raid will take place aboard the ship The Witness arrived in and the final boss of the Raid is thought to have been revealed in the Lightfall campaign.

As is tradition, the launch of the Raid will be accompanied by a race to be the first in the world to complete the activity. While that sounds easy enough, Bungie’s Raids are thick with puzzles and mechanics that need to be perfected in order to move forward.

This specific race will also feature as a Twitch Rivals event. This event will see Twitch Affiliates and Partners going head to head in race to be the first to slay the final boss, grab the loot and head to Orbit. For viewers this means access to exclusive drops while watching participants.

These players include Datto, Sweatcicle, Ekuegan, FalloutPlays, obkatiekat and others.

For players who link their Twitch and Bungie account, watching your favourite streamer can earn you exclusive emblems including:

  • Watch the Twitch Rivals: Destiny 2: Lightfall World First Race for 2 hours to receive the Dim Italics emblem as a reward.
  • Watch the Destiny 2 World First Raid Race for 2 hours during Contest Mode to receive the Particle Acceleration emblem as a reward.

The team that completes the Root of Nightmares Raid first will receive World First title belts. Any player that completes the Raid while Contest Mode is active will receive an exclusive emblem.

Contest Mode caps Player’s power at 20 Power under each encounter. The maximum power is 1780.

Players who complete the Raid by 21st March, Contest Mode or not, will be able to purchase the exclusive Raid Jacket tied to the Root of Nightmares as well as the Raid Pin.

Root of Nightmares launches for all players with the Lightfall expansion on 10th March at 19:00 SAST.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

Beats include cybersecurity, business, infrastructure, telecommunications, PC gaming and internet culture.

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